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    Thank you all for coming to the networking day yesterday!

    It was fantastic that you shared our enthusiasm for the project and were happy to contribute ideas, suggestions and share your thoughts about how you might offer Positive Spin for people diagnosed with Dementia local to you.

    We will be keen to learn what your next steps are and any feedback from the day after you have had time to reflect.

    Meanwhile some actions for us (and some for you):
    We will put together some costs for our offer of initial training, mentoring and ongoing support for your team and hub so those of you already close to being able to launch can arrange for this initial training.

    Barbara and I will explore funding options for the whole project to help set you up though innovation bids. (You may also wish to look into local funding)

    We will look into Dementia leads local to you. You may wish to do the same

    We will put up a bank of materials, images, logos and the operations guide on our Positive Spin Network Forum. If you register on this forum you will be able to access these and use this forum to for discussions. The forum is a work in progress.

    We will liaise with ian Tierney regarding a couple of other possible Wheels for All projects that meet the criteria to run a Positive Spin
    We will keep in touch.